3 Ways to Transform Your Look with Raw Hair Bundles

Raw hair bundles are bundles of virgin, unprocessed human hair. They come in natural colors, all taken from a single human donor. Haircare professionals consider raw human hair to be “true” virgin hair due to the complete lack of processing. They are considered the gold standard for women looking to add the most natural source of length and volume.

Because this long-lasting, full cuticle hair is rare and every set of bundles is unique, it tends to sell out fast. If you’re lucky enough to buy raw hair bundles that suit your style, our styling tips will ensure you make the most out of them. Keep reading to discover the best ways to style your raw human hair bundles!

Tips For Styling Raw Virgin Hair Bundles 

1. Know Your Texture

The difference between raw hair bundles and virgin hair bundles is processing. Raw hair bundles come to you all-natural, right from the head of a donor. Choosing the right texture for your raw bundle will ensure you achieve the look of your dreams.

Raw Indian hair bundles are one of the most popular styles and resemble a crimp wave. It’s versatile because it blends easily with normal, full, and relaxed hair textures.

Raw Cambodian hair bundles are straight and sleek, resembling a salon-quality blowout right out of the package! They also take color the best compared to other raw hair textures.

Other popular textures include exotic curly and kinky straight styles. If you choose a texture or curl pattern you love, your raw hair won’t need much additional styling.

2. Raw Hair Bundles Can Handle the Heat

Unlike processed human hair, raw hair can handle heat styling. Not only can you straighten it, but many styles will hold a curl for as long as a month.

With that said, take care not to burn or single your raw hair. Always use lower temperatures when possible. Aim to keep tools below 350 degrees to avoid dry and brittle tresses.

Most importantly, always use a high-quality heat protectant, just like you would before styling your natural hair. Unlike living hair, raw hair cannot produce its own natural oils to protect the strands from damage. With the right protectant, your raw bundles will look great for up to two years, even with heat styling.

3. Prioritize Hydration

Raw hair is thirsty hair, and the more hydration you add, the shinier it will look. A hair serum, oil, or leave-in conditioner will ensure that your extensions remain soft and sleek. It also ensures they stay manageable, making them easier to style. Diligent hydration will also prevent breakage over time.

Transforming your look is simple with the high-quality raw hair bundles from Wig Dealer. Shop our selection and start achieving the effortless natural style you crave.

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