Exclusive! HD Lace Full Lace Wig


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Cambodian Straight Texture

Standard small /medium cap size (fits up to 22.5 inch head circumference) 

HD lace! This is rare to have full lace HD with the current lace shortage. 

part anyway! 

Keep in mind all full lace wigs have stretched lace in the middle which looks different. 

Make up is used in pic to conceal the middle lace. 

150% Density full lace wig. 

This wig is GREAT for half up, half down styles. 

When the wig gets old it would be a great option to use for a braided wig as well!! 

The knots do not come bleached. 

Most will need to tint the lace to match your skin tone! 
Does not include elastic band. 
Not ready to wear. 

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