Lace Front Custom Wig- Body Wave

$575.00 $675.00

Hair arrives in it's natural state. Style as desired. All pics features the hair styled. 

Does NOT come styled! Needs to be washed and conditioned. This is a beautiful wig after doing so.

This is a good option if you need a larger cap size than what we standardly carry. 

These lace front wigs are made with three FULL bundles and a lace frontal.  Wigs are machine sew, durable, and will last you a long time!  This wig type is a great investment.  Most can last over 2 years if taken care of properly. 

RAW virgin hair that can be bleached to blonde safely 

Made with a 13x4 lace frontal.  You can part anywhere in the frontal area (side, middle, pull up, etc) 

Made with high quality thin HD lace  

Pre-plucked hairline 

The knots are not bleached.

Includes an adjustable/removable elastic band


Select cap size and length

Sizing guide

small-up to 21  inch head circumference 

medium-up to 22 inch head circumference 

large-up 23.5 inch head circumference 

Wig will be constructed with natural layers. 



Quality Matters

Wig Dealer holds itself to the highest standards with our hair and hair accessories, With the highest quality human hair ready to be colored, styled and installed as soon as it hits your doorsteps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of all of our wigs come in a standard cap size.  This cap size will fit small and medium size heads well. Will not fit large head sizes well.  If your head circumference is larger than 22.5 inch circumference, our standard small wig cap will not fit.   

Keep in mind that if you have a really small head, our wigs are perfectly constructed for you.  Most customers who have shopped other places and find their standard wig to be too large, have found ours to fit perfectly. 

For head sizes larger than 22.5 inch head circumference, please shop under our larger cap wigs category. 

 We do not offer custom sizing at this time. 

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